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Gutter Sirens were formed on the 10th October 1992 in Biala Podlaska (Poland) Gutter Sirens (1)by Doman (bass guitar, vocals), Pawel Kowalczyk (guitar) and Mariusz Czarnomysy (guitar). It was Doman who came up with the band’s name. Being under a strong influence of Savatage he decided to combine two of their albums names (“Sirens” and “Gutter Ballet”). A short time later Krzysztof Czeczko (keyboards), a friend form school, joined the band, and they began rehearsing.

In March 1993 they were joined by drummer Slimak. This resulted in a live debut on a local stage. Years 1993-1998 were spent on composing first songs and playing local gigs. October 1994 saw a first change in the line-up. Slimak, who left for personal reasons, was replaced on the drums by Lucky.

In Gutter Sirens (2)1995 the band began recording their first Polish-language demo “Syndrom” (“Syndrome”). During that time Krzysztof Czeczko left the band and the remaining keyboard parts were recorded by Doman and Pawel Kowalczyk. A second demo, “Koncert w czterech scianach” (“Concert in four walls”, 1996), was recorded during a broadcast in one of Warsaw’s radio stations. New band members who participated in that recording were Mariusz Polak (drums), who joined in 1995 replacing Lucky, and keyboard player Rafal Aleksandrzak (1996).

The band played their first big concert in October 1996 on the stage of Stodola club in Warsaw. Good reviews in independent zines caused the name Gutter Sirens to be more recognized in the Polish music underground.

Gutter Sirens (3)In March 1997 Doman was drafted into the army and was stationed in a local military unit. During that time the band worked together with the unit’s garrison club. Club’s management allowed them to use their rehearsal space and organized most of their concerts including Wegorzewo Festival 2002. That cooperation lasted until 2003.

Shortly before the recording of the new album “The Trees” was about to begin, there was a change in the lineup. At the end of 1997 Marcin Szumiło joined the band as a new drummer. In the summer of 1998 the album was recorded. Even though it has never been released, it was a milestone in the band’s development.

The next album, “Memory Analysis”, premiered in February 2003. It was released by a German publisher Shark Records. In Poland it was distributed by Metal Mind Productions. “Memory Analysis” made Gutter Sirens a much more known band all over the world, especially thanks to numerous reviews and interviews in magazines, radio stations and zines growing in numbers all over the web.

In 2000 and 2001 Mariusz Czarnomysy was temporarily replaced by guitarists Szabas and Slawomir Maksymiuk. Thanks to them the band was able to play live extensively promoting “Memory Analysis”.

In the beginning of 2006 a video clip for “Horror Makers” was released, follgutter sirensowed in September by an album of the same name published by Oskar Productions. In November filming of a video clip to “The Death Of The Day” commenced. Swedish vocalist Göran Edman, who also sang on that song as a special guest, made an appearance. Gutter Sirens had the opportunity to share the stage with him two times, most recently while supporting the Danish band Royal Hunt in May 2008.

In the Autumn of 2007, after finishing a tour promoting “Horror Makers”, Rafal Aleksandrzak left the band. In February 2009 Arkadiusz Zmudziak became the band’s new keyboard player.

Between 2009 and 2014 Gutter Sirens went on a hiatus and took a break from playing live. During that time the band worked on their first concept album called “Phantom Pains” which is set to be released in 2015.

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